Revolutionizing Health Care: A Message From our Leadership


Women’s College Hospital is entering its second century with the same spirit and dedication that made our first hundred years such a remarkable success story. Since 1911, Women’s College has been a leader in access and innovation, and we continue to break new ground – literally with the construction of our new hospital, and figuratively as we continue to develop revolutionary programs and health system solutions.

As our new hospital takes shape, we are building momentum toward the hospital of the future. We are building not only with glass and stone, but also with research and innovation, with partnerships and collaborations, and with the care and caring on which we’ve built our reputation.

At Women’s College, we know that health-care needs are changing. The population is aging, people are living longer, and increasingly, people are dealing with multiple chronic conditions. As a stand-alone ambulatory (or outpatient) hospital with a focus on women’s health, we’re responding to those growing needs.

We are working closely with acute care hospitals and community partners. We’re creating new models of ambulatory care that keep people out of hospital. We’re providing treatment strategies for the most complex patients who are inspiring real innovations in how and where we provide treatment, and we’re making sure that the next generation of health-care providers is prepared to deliver those innovations.

As an academic health sciences centre, Women’s College is dedicated to providing medical trainees from a number of health disciplines the opportunities to learn in an ambulatory health-care setting. We’re also creating new teaching models, and sharing them with other hospitals.

Meanwhile, scientists and researchers at Women’s College Research Institute are tackling some of the biggest health-care challenges of our time: reducing the cost and improving the quality of health care, managing an aging population and patients with chronic conditions, and improving women’s health and quality of life.

Women’s College is creating programs that bridge gaps in the health system – programs that will help reduce re-hospitalization, cut down on emergency room use and provide access for underserved populations. These programs also serve as models of care that can be disseminated to other facilities throughout the province and across the country.

As we achieve these crucial goals, it’s the individual patient moments that take us there: those moments that touch patients’ lives, those moments that connect us to our community, those moments that bring research to life in the clinic, those moments that – one by one – build on our legacy of unparalleled caring.

This year’s Access and Innovation Report focuses on those moments, and on the pioneering programs that make them happen. They represent groundbreaking research in treating mental health and chronic conditions, in teaching the health-care professionals of tomorrow, and in creating new models of care that can improve the health system as a whole. These moments represent Women’s College Hospital’s commitment to revolutionizing health care.

Marilyn Emery
President and CEO
Women’s College Hospital

N. Jane Pepino
Chair of the Board
Women’s College Hospital

Dr. Jim Ruderman
Chief of Medical Staff
and Family Physician
Women’s College Hospital


Women’s College Hospital
Board of Directors 2011 – 2012

Darleen Bogart
Lesley Byrne
Alice Dong
Debbie Douglas
Marilyn Emery
Tamara Finch
Marcia Gilbert
Christopher S.L. Hoffmann
Nan Hudson
Catherine Kelly
Michele Landsberg
Mary Lou Maher
Mina Mawani
Diane Meschino
Jane Mosley
N. Jane Pepino – Chair
Wanda O’Hagan – Secretary
James Ruderman
Paulette Senior
Sheerin Sheikh – Treasurer
Catharine Whiteside
Susanne Williams

Honorary Members

Cecelia Corcoran

Carol Cowan
Janet MacInnis
N. Jane Pepino
Gail Regan
Beverley Richardson